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We believe wellness should be a part of every workplace.

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Why wellness matters…

Boost your team

Great teams are built. Wellness programs help bring them together.

Pick your poison

Find a program that best meets your team's needs

There's more to work than work

Taking time out to unwind and recharge is critical for top performance

For the people

Wellness programs help engage staff and make them feel loved.

Improve employee health

Healthy staff are happy staff…plus they take less sick leave!

Measure ROI

Measure program performance with automated, real-time reporting

Top 9 tips for starting a wellness program

Get input from employees

There’s no point running programs that no-one wants. Use surveys to find out want your staff really want before you start paying.

It's more than sport

Sports and fitness classes are just one aspect of wellness programs. Explore other options such as nutrition, ergonomics and mental health services.

Identify champions

To really get people engaged, you need someone to rally the troops. Find individuals who are passionate about wellness, and get them to encourage others to get involved.

Be inclusive

Wellness programs are not just for the office gym junkie. Think about programs that support a broad audience like health seminars and fitness classes of varying difficulty.

Track usage

Tracking attendance and program utilisation ensures that the money you spend isn’t being wasted.


Make wellness fun by introducing a little competition among participants (think leaderboards and improvement awards).

Make communication easy

Make it easy for employees to find what’s on and sign up for programs that suit them.

Gather feedback

To get the most from your programs, continually seek feedback from participants to see what’s working and what can be improved.

Make it social!

What’s a group activity these days without a selfie? Help promote wellness programs by sharing achievements across the company.

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We’re currently running beta trials with select companies.

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Our Mission

To make health and wellbeing a part of every workplace.

If you’re looking for ways to help your staff be happier and healthier at work, we’d love to talk!

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